Bitcoin prices may be lower this year, but institutional investment has not slowed. Future contracts are naturally a little different to the acquisition and maintenance of BTC, but Bakkt continues to break records with its products.

Big Bitcoin Future Day for Bhakti
Since the slow start, a promising move for Bakkt, which has been physically formed, bitcoin futures are steadily rising. New volumes have been set for trading volume, and the last was yesterday, with 4,443 contracts according to the company.

The Intercontinental Exchange-owned firm added that it was optimistic on December 9, before the appointment of Bitcoin option agreements, before the contract came into force. The difference between the options is that the investor does not have to sell the asset when the contract expires. The futures are fixed while the options are more flexible.

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A recent publication of the Bakkt bot noted a few hours ago that I could see even larger numbers today.

Trader and analyst Alex Krueger says the volume is both the price and the amount of bitcoins that are physically delivered.

Kruger added that you would not be surprised if you were given 100 full BTCs in December. Physically liquidated contracts are good for bitcoin markets, but Bucketti also has a liquidated product in the works, which is not very positive for space.


10 ways to make money now!


The other day my oldest son, Matthew called me a loser. He is well. 16. In particular, he did not call me, “loser”, but spoke with a nurse in the emergency room about how he thinks to go into politics, when will age. He wants to be president, he said.

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“Hey,” I said to him after the nurse left, “I was going to be president, when she grew up.”

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I really was going to be president. I had every intention to engage in politics when I was between the ages of 14 to 18 years. I was about to graduate from college, perhaps go to law school, and then run for office – with the White House.

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In short, I went to college in the State of Colombia and, in fact, found that I like to write about politics and being an activist more than I wanted to run for the post – and as I said to his son, who looked at me with great pity – I still have time to run for the office, if I do. At 34, I did not even have the right to qualify for the presidency … but the clock will sound louder than once.

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“I know, Mom,” he said. “But I really will.” The way he said it, a little stung. He said it with such contempt, as if I threw away my dream. He just saw my wife and mother – no other achievements under my belt? He thought that I somehow failed, as the dream of 14 or 15 was not a dream that I have achieved?

He did.

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This disappointed me. He did not say what it means, I know what he just said it really is. I chose life, which he regarded as “normal”, but if he really looked, he saw that everything was in my life, but.

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My way of “road less taken” had me from time to time to think creatively about profit – well, most of the time. Having tasted life in the suburbs in the family & # 39; and with two incomes – in each of the constant “normal” job, I quickly learned that the normal operation is not all vzlamalasya. In addition to additional loads on your time and earnings, steady job no longer stable.

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Although I left my newspaper for six months before it was – she drowned. And I would have dismissed me. My husband, a computer guru and expert in his field, saw the work as “Internet bubble” contracts and expands. He has worked for small companies and large corporations, all of which yielded some mergers, enhance or decrease the pressure.

Tired of living from paycheck to paycheck, we found a simpler way of life – and it is found on the farm of my childhood in Vermont. Vermont rich beauty, solitude and silence. What it’s not much – it’s employment opportunities. To replenish lean times when my writing is not very well paid, any advice my husband is on the decline, I learned that there are many ways to earn cash immediately. And some of these things can be a deal if you like them enough. Each one of those that I suggest can be done with minimal cash expenses – because if you need cash, you usually can not invest in business opportunities … they, too, can be done with children in tow. I am a mom who live at home, and happy to be one, but I’m also a smart and creative and do not think that one should go to the other. You can do something nice and stay at home with their children (which is also nice). In addition, I gained food products, at least for a week, with each of these proposals at some point in my life … and some of them were my income for that year.

1. Used books. Do you have a large collection of books? Even a small collection? People are always looking for books. And used bookstores, eBay, and your local paper about the & # 39; ads – a great way to earn money and clean the shelf or two, too. I know of several families of seven & # 39; families that support their financial needs by selling his books. I would not want to invest in the store, but if you have a large collection of books, especially in a particular area or two, you should have no problems, ranging from eBay or from a regular website. If you do not have their own books that you can sell now, you can usually get some great books at yard sales, thrift stores or libraries (their abortions, do not go with them). Many times people are willing to practically give away the books if you take them out of the house.

2. The extra garden vegetables or fruit? Why not install a roadside stand or not to place a booth at the local farmers & # 39; market? You do not have to be an official farmers to sell vegetables. If you have tomatoes coming out of his ears, but no money for the cans, put a “store”. You’ll be amazed how many people stop and be grateful for your homegrown efforts.

3. Bake the bread or other baked goods. Are you a good cook? You do not need to be. But with some effort and desire to bake, you could save a city in the form of cookies, brownies, pies in zadushtsy and homemade bread. I did it when I went down to the last $ 5 in one month! I had a ton of flour, but very little. I bake all types of bread – cinnamon, sandwich, herbal round loaves – and ask the local farmers & # 39; market, if I could sell that bake. On this day, I raspradavsya until the market closed – and scored enough to put gas in the car, to buy food for a week or more of flour and other ingredients, so I can come back again next weekend. I have long supported himself and three children, doing pastries – business, I really liked.

4. Type. Can you introduce? I do not mean fast. You do not have to enter 100 words per minute to make a few dollars. You just need to be prepared to spend time typing, if someone else will. I did not know how to type a message, when I put in a newspaper report that will be ready to enter the job, term papers, business offers and what you have. But I knew another girl who was paying $ 2 per page. I earned $ 1.50 per page, and, although I am sure that my hourly rate was terrible, I gained a lot of extra money, typing machine … and be able to stay home with her new baby and listen to NPR all at the same time!

5. tutor. You were brilliant in algebra as a child? Well, I was not, but I was a local grammar. I was visiting the English grammar, spelling and history and earned $ 10 per hour, helping local schoolchildren and college to study on their SAT, edit documents, you name it. This is a great way to feel useful and to make money at the same time! Again, all you need is a leaflet and your phone number. Offer tutoring in the local public library or at the local YMCA.

6. Give lessons. Listen to the piano? You know how to use a spinning wheel, knitting or to decorate a cake? Provide space (basement of the church, community center or library room – a great place to start), and place some of the & # 39; ads, and flyers around town. You’ll be surprised how happy people will be able to pay 25 or 30 dollars to learn what you know! You can spend one class or series of classes. Make sure you know how much others pay for the same classes in your area, do not make yourself a low price, but if you do not have much teaching experience, do not make the surcharge – especially in the first round.

7. Write and issue the booklet. This can easily supplement your class or classes, or work well on their own. While most people are in favor of it, to get the initial information from the Internet, including myself, – writing a booklet on your topic of expertise, and then selling it to the relevant publications can bring you a pure profit – not millions, but a good stable profit. Remember that in this type of writing is better to be more specific. Do not write a booklet on “How to fix the car.” Write authoritative guidance on “fixing 1970 Volvo station wagon.” Or whatever. The alternative – or an extension of the booklet edition – write it, and then published as a .PDF – interested people can download from your website. Of course, they will have to pay $ 5 or whatever you think that the booklet guards to get the boot. Offer such services is much easier than I thought initially. PayPal – an excellent source for this kind of transactions.

8. Follow the instructions for the people. It’s so simple, I was surprised that had not thought about it – especially when I was in high school and got his first car. This service would be fine, no matter where you live – in the countryside, in the city or in the suburbs. Spread leaflets, place ads in the local newspaper. Follow all kinds of errands – pick up dry cleaning, buy food, pick up prescriptions, remove the foil, take your dog to the groomer. You would be shocked by the fact that people will pay you. I once paid to go for two children to school every morning! It is also a kind of service that you could offer in a local nursing home or senior center. Older people may need to have someone driving behind them – or they might want to go. Obviously, you will want to schedule a payment – if you only collect a prescription, you can pay $ 5 or $ 10, but complete grocery list is a little bit more. Spent “hourly” rate (how much it costs you to run an errand, given your time, gas, etc.) – and make sure that you can about the & # 39; to combine errands. And keep your mobile phone in your hand (if you have one, I did not do anything, and I’m just fine).

9. walk the dog, go with pets, sitting, nanny home. Do all four – or only one or two. They are clear – but there is always a market for them. Now I’m not saying it will open a kindergarten. If you are not sure what you want to do for the car & # 39; EASURES – then do nothing. But how many of us have a nanny, as teenagers, just for extra money? You can also do this. Put your name out there and a nurse in the evening or a day or two. Living in the home can be like a paid vacation, and my kids loved the work I took on as a pet – cleaning cells, feeding dogs and cats – it looked like a lot to have pets without a pet!

10. Do something. Before home accessories Polar Fliess were readily available at Wal-Mart, I made myself a nice shyyuchy baby blankets, booties, pillows and other items made of fabric with Polar Fliess. Now that I have, I’m knitting a bunch of musket (gloves without fingers) and send them to my local craft fair, a gift shop or consignment. How well do you do something? Maybe you make the best sauce in the world of Tartarus. Or you make a beautiful baby hats. Or wooden spoons. Whatever it was – I guarantee that if you do it well and offer it at a fair price, someone will like and buy it. Be creative. I started working with children’s blankets because made some for my kids first, and my friends have been asking me to make one for them. Joy happened as well, and although I’m not selling them now, I make them as Christmas presents and saving yourself buying!

Here it is: 10 things that you can start now, to earn money. Will Matthew be proud of what I have done all these things to make money – instead, he said – to make my original dream of being president? Probably not. But he was already 16 years old and very little about his parents impressed! But you know what? I’m proud of myself. I am proud that I have used their creativity to make money when I need it – or when I wanted a bit too much, or when I just wanted to try something new. Goals can be dismissive, but he also never hungry – given some of the difficult times that we have experienced, it is something else to be proud of. I also never had to work for someone else, if I had not chosen, as in this day and age, not many people can say.

But I’m the president? Well, no … more anyway.



Where were you, neon signs, and where you are going?


Many experts in the field of lighting believe that the overall outlook for the neon sign looks very optimistic. Neon signs have a record of over 100 years of successful use in advertising. If not for the neon signs would be more dark places, and neon signs industry would cease to exist in the cities and towns, but it is not likely to happen.
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Let’s start with some general information about the neon, for example, why it is used, in addition to advertising, as used here and in other countries, the neon sign in the world and much more. Everyone knows that its main use – advertising, and that does not support the industry neon signs, but it has many other useful applications for society.
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I enjoy watching TV? Neon is used in television tubes. Do you have a neon wall clock? Neon lighting is used in the home and in many enterprises to enhance and illuminate dark areas. It is used in gas lasers used to remove eye cataracts and other health problems.
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Many people flew, but did you know that? It was used in lighthouses, and the pilots have seen it 20 miles, if they could not see the other kinds of light. Through the fog, you can see the neon lights. Many travelers have found it very useful when looking for a motel in the misty night. Neon does all this and more.
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However, the biggest and most widely known use of neon – in neon signs. What makes it so useful for signs? For this there are two reasons. First, the neon – is a first-class conductor of electricity, and secondly, he has an amazing ability to emit light that can be seen at great distances.
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It’s so hard to believe that the Neon technology started in Europe in 1675. Not been invented neon signs, but just an idea that will grow into a modern neon sign. In fact, surprising as it may seem, electricity has not yet been discovered. These two ideas developed independently, because none of them depended on to one of the other & # 39 appeared.
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By 1910, in Paris as well, a man by the name of Georges Claude invented the idea for neon signs. His first effort was a symbol of a barber shop in the city. Like when they first arrived in the United States. Earle Anthony, the owner of the car dealership in Los Angeles, apparently heard of neon signs and visited Paris. The result is a two neon signs Packard, which he bought for $ 1,250. Thousand nine hundred and twenty-three years.
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The idea spread quickly, and the business, and the public took this new concept of advertising. Traditional advertising signboard struck a brilliant burst of neon signs. These first signs are called “liquid fire”, no doubt, because the bright red light that they emit, seems to mean a risk.

The first sign of that came in Las Vegas, has become a banner advert, entitled “Coffee Oasis”. Who then realized that the city will become one of the premier two & # 39; ernyh neon storefronts? It was a distinctive event, but few thought than that.

When discussing neon signs in America Lags Vegas strip (or “band” as it is often called) and New Ek, Times Square – a logical starting point. It is easy to understand how they have earned their titles. Both annually take millions of visitors who browse the neon displays, which are almost blind. Las Vegas may have an advantage over Times Square, because it takes a lot more visitors due to its casinos, which provide the city with neon display. Compared Times Square signs are subject to more frequent changes due to the fact that business in this city is changing frequently, while in Las Vegas, a casino, and they & # 39 are the foundation of the city revenue and casinos always work.

The Las Vegas strip is the world-famous iconic neon sign, which was installed in 1959. The sign was the idea of ​​Betty Willis, who worked at a local company signs. The sign contained the words “DABRAVAYSYA to fabulous LAS VEGAS NEVADA”. The sign was never copyrighted because Willis considered it his gift to the city. This sign with & # 39 is synonymous with the city of Las Vegas. Sign Willis – number one in the list of 10 most impressive neon signals world. In Las Vegas, is also the world’s largest neon sign, which bears the name of a corporation owned by Hilton and Hilton Hotel. This mark was established in 1996 and covers more than 70,000 feet, name Hilton – 164 feet, width – 28 feet. At a price of approximately $ 9 billion it could be called the most expensive neon sign in the world.

The first neon sign Times Square was in the mid-1920s. The density of illuminated signs in Times Square got to the point that he began to give Las Vegas Strip run for their money. This density with & # 39 is the result of a smaller Times Square in comparison with the area of ​​Las Vegas, which runs miles. In any case, both these places are filled with thousands of characters.

Pay attention to these two neon storefronts, we also have other places that are visible neon signs. However, they are certainly not at the same level as the previously mentioned giant neon sign. In Elk City, Oklahoma, the National Museum of Route 66 is proud to put up a huge sign neon sign Route 66. Michigan City Saginaw, he argues that it is the big neon sign of the state and the largest figurative mark in the country. Curly neon signs show people and animals. This neon sign is 35 feet long and fifty feet.

The list of top 10 neon symbols in this country there are a lot of neon signs, which are known in the country. Many of them are long gone. All of them once pasvyatlili city street. Number one – Boston, which had its sign Schrafftt, which was a symbol of candy and chocolate. The second place in this list took symbol “Vigas Vegas,” which was at the height of the city “Fremont” Streyzs 1951 and 1995, when he was retired.

The number three is a sign of the “Great Grain Belt” in Minneapolis, which has been used for many years since its installation in 1940, and is now sold. Fourth – it is a sign Coppertone Girl, which was installed on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami for the company’s product advertising, suntan lotion. It was a city landmark, it was from 1959 to 1990. What made this character so noticeable that it is a puppy who pulled swimsuit little girl. Next on the list from the & # 39 is the sign-permeable girl with Abbatsforda, Australia. She was called “Little Audrey” and she advertised sugar “Nycander Company”. she died in 1968, but due to public indignation at the loss of the attractions it was replaced by a replica in 1970. In 1941 he was made the sign “Made in Oregon” Portland, Oregon, which is advertised sugar. It has changed over the years and remains in place when the company left the building in the 1950s.

Westinghouse has signed Pittsburgh place at number seven. He was involved from the beginning of the 1920s, and it was filmed in 1998. Part of the company takes the eighth place Chygitskaga magikista with signs with advertising carpets. Lips 41400 pounds on the sign considered as a landmark of the city. However, all of the previous mentioned neon signs have disappeared. Badge number nine, Arch of Reno in Reno, Nevada, built in 1927 and is still strong. The last in the list with a & # 39 is a sign of the umbrella “Traveler”, which can be found in Des Moines, Iowa. It was built in 1963 and still operates.

No mention of neon signs would be complete without including the list of the 10 most impressive examples of the world. And it should come as no surprise that the number one in this list – sign DOBRAVDAETSTSA fabulous LAZ VEGAS, NEVADA neon signs. Next is a display of Times Square. Third place goes to Hong Kong’s 15-minute light show, the next place belongs sign Osaka Dotonbun, which became the inspiration for the move “The Blade Runner”. Shanghai Road Najinj occupies position number five, and Tokyo’s Ginza and glass occupied the number six spot. It follows from the & # 39 is Vegaski boniard (where restored and shows the old and iconic symbols of Las Vegas). Further there is a sign indicating neon signs Vintage Times Square from the 1920s to the 1950s.

As for the last two in the list, neanavaya sign Caesar Palace is in ninth place, and the road cowboy soybean way in Bangkok completes this list. It is interesting to note that in an earlier time in London, the world-famous circus Pikadiliyski would undoubtedly have entered the top of the list. He received what many call the first in Europe neon sign, a popular soft drink, which was replaced by a new version in 2003. Today, however, all the neon signs in Piccadilly Circus are at the same building with all the names. large international corporations.

Many organizations have emerged in all parts of the country. Their goal is to collect, restore and exhibit the old classic neon sign and neon signs. One of them – the Neon Museum of Philadelphia, which was opened in 1983 and shows the neon signs of enterprises. The Neon Museum in Las Vegas has iconic neon signs of the closed casinos and businesses. It has more than 150 historical nerestavravanyh restored and neon signs. American Character Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio, was founded in 1999 and has more than 2800 characters of all types, including neon. Neon Museum in Los Angeles opened its doors in 1981 with the aim to preserve the old neon signs and other neon art. In a related vein gallery and a workshop called Let There Be Light opened in New York in 1972 to teach artists to use neon.

After use of the backlight signs began in the United States, followed by other cities, although much more slowly. It seems that Tokyo – one of the first cities outside the United States. They were established in the city park in 1926. The first in Australia to & # 39; appeared in the Melbourne suburb in 1930. First in Johannesburg, South Africa, it was in 1935. India has received about 1940. Shanghai, China would have to wait until 1982 to get the first one. Pushkin Square in Moscow, received the first mark in 1989. It was popular soft sign. Stockholm. Sweden received its first around 1936. On the other hand, in Zurich in Switzerland no neon signs.

Nevertheless, it is a few cities in the world, which banned the use of neon signs within its jurisdiction. Prem & # 39; er Minister of Pakistan is trying to deal with the country; With the growing problem of power, forbade them brightly lit billboards. In January 2010, Sao Paulo, Brazil, which is a & # 39 is the fourth largest city in the world, forbade them to try to stop the growing problem of environmental pollution. In the US in 1996 in Avon, Connecticut, was adopted by a decree prohibiting the use of so-called tube disclosed, but neon signs, embedded in plastic, were well used. town residents questioned the motives of this order. More recently, in Vermont and Massachusetts began operating ban on the manufacture and sale of lighted tubes with other countries, which tend to follow suit. Illumination pipes which do not use mercury, is permitted.

In the city of Madrid, Spain, has a decree prohibiting all lit signs in the city center, in order to reduce pollution, save energy and make the city more aesthetically pleasing. This order covers all neonchyki used in pharmacies in the theater stalls, business signs and bars. So far the signs have been highlighted in Madrid. In Duluth, Georgia, prohibited neon signs, and even despite the fact that these characters are not allowed in the city of Mesa, Arizona. the survival of illuminated signs.

Starting from the 1960s in the United States and Canada, there was a movement against the illuminated signs. The City of Vancouver has banned use of these symbols on the once shiny lit streets, which then became a dark passage that left the city of cold, heartless view.

Since we are talking about the neon signs, it might be good to think, to learn about the industry of neon signs. In 2008 the total income of the company “neon sign” amounted to about $ 2.9 billion. In general, signs of industry had revenue of about $ 11 billion. At this time, in this country there were about 35,00 shops with signs, including illuminated signs. These amounts are increased by thousands of years to come.

That there is a commercial neon sign? It’s really hard to say. However, when it comes to prices that collectors can pay for them, there are some figures that show that they have paid for high tsenenyya bright signs. In fact, in June 2006 on the sale of commemorative highlighted character Thunderbird Hotel sold for $ 26 000. While the one who said Cloud 9 sold for $ 21,275, and the star of the Holiday Inn sign went for 3220 dollars. This shows that people are willing to pay for the collection of neon signs. Prices of commercial type var & # 39; iruyutstsa depending on the size and other factors.

Now it’s time to compare neon signs with another form of lighting, LED. Before you understand the advantages and disadvantages of these two methods as they relate to their commercial use.

Let’s start by looking at what the LED, and some information about it. LED letters stand for LEDs. First, the LED is used as a replacement for incandescent lights and displays for laboratory equipment. Later it was used in televisions, clocks, radios, calculators and indicators. Only until recently, LED prices fell, that it allows you to sell residential and commercial markets. External lights and Christmas lights with a & # 39 are part of LED home lighting products. Due to the energy crisis and some foreign countries, who are looking for ways to reduce energy costs, LED lighting companies can probably count on a profitable future, when it comes to their products.

Now that we know about LED lighting, we can make a fair comparison with neon signs, as we remember the good and bad points of each. The basis for comparison with the & # 39 is the use of two methods of lighting in advertising.

Firstly, with regard to the use of neon signs, their advantage is that when used properly, they have a very long service life, neon has a very high operating range and can operate at very high voltages using AC and DC, they are not & # 39; t always require special power supplies, and these signs have a very low power consumption. A unique advantage enjoyed by only neon signs, with the & # 39 is that they can be made in any form. This is a very important advantage – the ability to bend the shape makes it ideal for use in advertising, wall clocks and lighting for homes and businesses. Finally, this inexpensive little lights and decorative lamps.

Neon signs also have their drawbacks. They have low light output for input power, provide only a small range of the color spectrum, producing only one color at a time, require a large surface area to be used for general lighting and expensive for use as signs and displays.

The advantages of using LED lamps are as follows – The US Department of Energy expects that the production cost of LEDs will drop lower than that of compact fluorescent lamps called CEL in about 2013, a high level of energy efficiency, a more durable, longer product life and reducing heat. load space (an additional advantage of reducing the energy consumption).

The disadvantages of the use of LED lighting include “warm” light, the resulting light-emitting diodes are more expensive than the “cold” light, LED is more expensive than some of the more traditional lighting concept, and a limited selection of options, color quality and the lack of standardization of products.

The aim of this article was to see many topics related to neon signs, are not often known to the general public. What awaits future for each of these types of lighting, it is difficult to predict. Referring to the submitted material, the most reasonable answer might be that both of them will be used for some time, but that could easily change due to improved designs and accomplishments that are or can develop, a change in the economy, or any one of a number other factors. Both branches have very large financial resources and will do whatever it takes to get a larger share of signage market.

Ultimately, there are two major factors that will influence the landmark industry in respect of the profits and investment. Companies want to use any method that works for them the most successful. Consideration of future technology advances with respect to each form of coverage, price and other factors is crucial, as well as to explore the advantages and disadvantages of each. Another idea is that some of them will get the best response from buyers. Гэта цалкам можа быць вырашальным фактарам. Як і ўсе галіны, гэтыя два канкурэнты, несумненна, будуць разглядаць маркетынгавыя даследаванні як надзейнае кіраўніцтва для прыняцця рашэнняў. Кожная з гэтых дзвюх сістэм мае толькі адну агульную мэту, якая супадае з любым бізнэсам ці кампаніяй, і гэта паспрабаваць прыняць правільныя рашэнні, якія прыносяць максімум грошай, а гэта назва гульні.
When Hamas was trying to collect bitcoin by denying it through a number of digital wallets, a startup was able to see what was happening and warn its customers.
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Based in London, Elliptic sells blockchain analytics tools on some of the world’s largest cryptocurrency platforms – including Binance and Circle – as well as banks. The company’s software is used to investigate criminal activity in the bitcoin digital ledger and monitor transactions to prevent money laundering.

The company recently learned that Al-Qassam Brigade, the military wing of Hamas, used a donation website that generated a different bitcoin wallet address for each person they visited. This made it harder to find funds and see where they were sent. The group has been designated a terrorist organization by Israel, the US and the EU.


How to spend cycling adventure and recreation


Conventional tours are obtained with some extraordinary imagination. Bicycle tours with a stay on the bike and active holidays offer a completely new and relaxing way to see the city in the USA or Canada.
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Check biking and recreation offers personalized tours that allow you to visit the most beautiful places in North America in a new way. Trips to bicycle tours – the main resource for adventure tourists who want to visit the famous places on bikes without sacrificing fun and good life.
Bicycle tours offered by Sojourn, designed for travelers of all hues and interest. They have the flexibility to provide the standard tours and trips on request to enable the desires of their customers. These trips are designed for birthdays, team meetings, family gatherings, or just to visit the famous and scenic destination groups, couples or individuals.
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In this case, you will receive a cycling tour leader, who will accompany you on your route, and the van, which supports travel with a group that is willing to provide the necessary logistics and snacks such as snacks and drinks. tour leaders aptly trained to attend to the maximum of your requirements.
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They become part of your family with many children & # 39; and where they will have lunch with you, make sure that the bike is infallible, and that the water your bottle will never be empty, as well as ensure that your favorite chocolate or snacks were in the basket picnic. The average value of the group in the meeting rarely exceeds 15.
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The Sojourn, you get an excellent and modern equipment, ranging from bicycles and supporting vans. Hybrid and road bikes offer the latest equipment and developed, while maintaining stability, comfort and durability.
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Bikes have adjustable handlebars that allow you to align the angle of the back and neck to a maximum level of comfort.
Made of lightweight aluminum, these bikes come in a variety of styles for men and women.
Bicycle tours offered Sozhurn, involve known and exclusive destinations across North America. Sojourn offers a choice of some colorful and most visited destinations such as Acadia National Park, Quebec City, Vermont, Columbia Gorge and endless others. Sojourn fully familiar with the areas in which it offers cycling and conveniently organizes your nutritional needs and stay in good restaurants and taverns. They are constantly striving to develop new tours and suggestions.
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Sozhurn believes that inveterate traveler adventure trip – it is a dream, and realize that he may want to stop along the road to smell the roses, or may still choose to continue a vigorous ride, the choice is completely for it. You can choose your vacation from a wide and interesting places in North America, which also include sightseeing excursions.
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Site bicycle bicycle and active vacation (www.gosojourn.com) very informative, and you can visit it to learn more about them and their bike tours, prices and more. You can even ask for them on the Internet to create an individual tour for your group.
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Polite and friendly support staff is always ready to answer your questions and make your trip an unforgettable dream.
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Bullish New Hampshire to Mount Washington


1. Mount Washington:

If the White Mountains wore the crown, it would look like Mount Washington, the highest peak in New Hampshire, New England and the north-east to gain altitude to 628 feet. However, the greater the obstacle, the more it seems, its appeal, and it is this philosophy served as its a magnet for hikers, skiers and prystavalnikav, that is, for those who sought to overcome it by road and rail. all in the spirit of conquest "reaching the top."

Originally the designation "Agiohuki" – Indian word for "Home of the Great Spirit," "the place of the forest spirit" and "the place of the spirit of the storm" – is seen as a sublime work of precisely this is why the deity, "Hit-Manitos" and any climbing attempts were considered so blasphemous. However, Native Americans did not think and did not attempt to try.

Its obstacles can not be underestimated. Surrounded by 5.372-fold Monroe grief, sorrow 5.716-foot Jefferson and 5.533-foot clay worse, by the grief of Washington, melange metaphorical rocks and the characteristic ancient Alpine glacier carved gullies. The range of the president and his prehistoric continental ice sheet that covers the vegetation left on his tree line, there are only about the Arctic regions of Labrador. Its slopes running down several rivers, including Ammunosuk, Dry, rocky branch, new, Cutler and Peabody.

Temperatures below zero for more than 65 days per year, provides the vertex of permafrost and the wind speed of hurricane winds not less than 75 km / h it kills more than half of the winter days. Its lowest temperature was -49 degrees Fahrenheit, and the highest wind speed – 231 miles / h, recorded at the summit of 12 April 1934.

However, none of those who wish summits. The original path has been constrained in 1642, when the Darby Field with two Indian guides made the first recorded ascent and the first scientific mission – Expedition Belknap-Cutler – took place more than a century later, in 1784, when it was made to measure and the collection of alpine plants.

It renamed Mount Washington after the then General George Washington, he was also targeted by Colonel George Gibbs, a mineral that has cleared its first road in 1809, but has since made several consecutive rises.

A decade later, creating their own way, which overcame the summit, Abel and Ethan Allen Crawford, father and son, and handed over to his brother Thomas, who has greatly improved it between 1838 and 1840. By expanding it and making it suitable for negotiations on horseback. Despite the fact that it currently has no equestrian use, it remains Krolfardskim level and maintained national forest White Mountain.

Each "step up" brought these patches to new layers, as flora and fauna reflect the climatic conditions associated with a rise associated with the temperature, which drops three degrees for every 1,000 feet, and the wind and precipitation, which increases disproportionately.

For example, from 2000 to 2500 feet, for example, deciduous tree species – American beech, sugar maple, yellow birch, white ash, white pine, red maple, red spruce, eastern hemlock, and is dominated by red oak, becoming Spruce and fir forests. balm and red varieties, up to 4000 feet.

As if fed, balsam fir, creating its own system, lagged at about 4,500 feet, yielding a short transition or Krummholts area, up to 4800 feet, which twisted and tilted trees mean the end of the forest and the beginning of the alpine region. Last discussed above tree line, no longer able to support the growth of trees due to heavy rains, snow and fierce winds and temperatures unbearable, and instead hatches reliable nizistyya plants.

There are two large plateau over 5000 feet: Bigelovski grass, alpine meadow with sedge Arctic and Alpine meadow, rich as its name implies, with alpine wildflowers.

Peak – is a rocky, barren, windy aircraft, type of which the other peaks of the Presidential Range is admired when the clouds permit.

To take up the challenge, which seems to offer Mount Washington, visitors have three main ways: by foot, road or railway.

2. STOP:

Most of the problems faced by the early climb, remain before the modern tourists and climbers. Due to the serious & # 39; oznastsi mountain out & # 39; I and variability, the season for them is relatively short, from Memorial Day to Columbus, after that time, frequent mud, snow and ice. Winter accumulations, which are combined with the cold temperatures, maximum wind and snow accumulations of deep and the least amount of daylight should try only the most suitable, trained, experienced and secured. Gullies climbers subjected to possible avalanche, and the top is usually wrapped in a cloud.

Indeed, the sign that is located on the mountain, warns: "Stay in the area ahead has the worst out & # 39; e in America, many of them died from exposure, even in summer turned back when the weather & # 39; e bad!…"

Trails var & # 39; iruyutstsa depending on the length of the gain adjustment, the gradient of gravity and obstacles and control spectrum from short trips at low levels to full elevation at the top. Of the latter, there are several.

For example, from the west, Ammunosuk river trail that passes waterfalls, clouds, lakes, and mountain lodge Appalatskaga club offers high elevation 3,800 feet and spans 9.2 miles round trip path. Trail Jewell, Trag Gulfside and Trinity Heights Connector with a 100-foot gain height offers a round trip within ten miles, which initially goes along the western ridge of Mount Clay before lead to Mount Washington and crosses like a river Ammunosuk and spiral rail.

There are two approaches to the east, both of which are available from 16 in Pinkham Notch. First, Tuckerman Ravine Trail, offers a 450-foot elevation and the rise of 8.4 miles. Because of their average grades, he is the most popular. The second, which also includes a bright trail Tukermana and road Boat spurs and the way Davis and Crawford, entails a rise in the height of 4300 feet. The length of 10.6 miles and it rougher and longer than the previous route, but also much more colorful.

Glen Trail Boulder, in combination with traces of Davis and Crawford, provides Western approach, again along the route 16, and carries a 4400-foot lifting height during its circular road for the 11.4 miles.

From the north-east the trail of the Great Bay and the Gulf of Galfsayda, with built-in Trinity heights, penetrate into the deep valley of the Great an isolated backwater and cross the 1600 meter high rocky parent contribution, giving rise to an altitude of 5000 feet and the longest round trip distance of 15.8 miles.

3. Road

Modern sport, rock climbing, watching and imitating need the last day to get to the top of Mount Washington, but was soon offered a trail designed for negotiations on equestrian and van. Abel Crawford, reached the summit on horseback in 1840, paved the way, at least in the idea.

Access to the top of the mountain – it's exactly what it is diluted in a railroad base to it. To ensure the overland route for transportation of wheat from Montreal to Portland, in 1851, the railway has paved the railroad in the Atlantic and St. Lawrence (later Grand highway) to carry passengers in Jorge, New Hampshire. Quickly assessing the tourism potential of the area, he has invested in infrastructure, including the hotel Alpine House, the road to the Pinkham Notch and Glen Bridle top of the peak, which rose at the foot of the First House Glen.

But the desire to win the Mount Washington to impose height provided the impetus for the road, which could support the equestrian tourist-transpartsiruyuchyh omnibuses, and the peak of the hotel in which they are placed, and the governor Noah Martin handed the chart to the mountain. Washington Road Company July 1, 1853 was held vasmimilyutnay artery from the house to the top of the Glen. David O. Macomber Middleton, New Hampshire, has been appointed project manager.

However, not all visions are transferred into reality. Construction in damatornyya and relatively primitive times was terrible. Living in tents and mounds and devote ten to twelve hours a day, workers often were hoping for their own force and brute force to transport the supplies to the place with vasmimilnay distance, relying on a horse or a cow, spreading his hands. explosive holes, filling them with a black powder, and then removing explosion obtained gravel and stones.

However, by the time when the project has reached its mid-point in 1856, funding has been exhausted, as the men who carried out this work.

Assuming that the project in three years, the newly created art company "Mount Washington" to finish the artery, and the Korea-road Mount Washington – the country's first tourist attraction – was officially opened at a ceremony August 8, 1861 earned the title of many of them was welcome, especially Joseph Thompson, the owner of the Glen house, and Colonel John Hitchcock, owner of alpine houses.

Three weeks prior to the completion of the road ascending horse carriages, and even discussed the existing boulders near its end.

Rating road which confirms its concept gradually increased as the number of first exploits committed by it. For example, three members of the Dartmouth vygulnyh club made the first ski ascent in 1913. They were followed by the first team of Huskies, who reached the summit in 1926. The cars four or six horses that citizens from nine to 12 years, as many as 100 passengers transported daily.

But, although the road itself has not changed, its use did when Frylan O. Stanley previously made the first steam engine, climbing on them in two hours, ten minutes, 31 August 1899, and it paved the way for the first car with petrol engine moved to the movement on lines that existed alterations from the original "coaches" to the end "Roads".

The graphic line that reflects the annual number of vehicles that use it, as cool and grow as the mountain: 3,100 in 1935, 6,600 in 1955, 12,800 in 1961, and today more than 45 000.

Modern motorists can "take the road" as it touts to reach it from the route 16 in Pinghu, Netzsch on the eastern side of the mountain. Lodge "Great Glen" to the restaurant for breakfast and dinner and an adjacent museum Red barn Douglas A. Philbrook is based on the road. Last, the last of the many horses and hay, which were neodymium & # 39; emnay part of what was then the staging of the road wheel, complements and contains a collection of restored cars, trucks, carts and cars that once left their imprints. the path up the mountain.

The basic fee for entrance to the highway road includes the car, its driver, audio cassette and landscape tour on CD, and the famous "This car climbed Mount Washington" bumper stickers with separate and additional payments for extra adults and / or children motorcycles.

Excursions to vans, including comments and input to the Observatory Museum Mount Washington Summit, lasts 90 minutes, the third of the time at the top, while the seasonal and regular tours entail conducted at dawn in the evening. As well as the winter, "SnowCoach" tours are offered on the ski vehicles in this case.

Intermodal lifts that are offered during the period from late May to early October, allows tourists to travel in one direction on foot and the other on a minibus, with stop route tourist routes based on the motorways, head of the Greater Bay train and Mountain Club Appalachia "Notham Camp Pinkham" .

Drivers and native environment respectively produce ever-changing views out & # 39; I & Weather & # 39; I, as the car negotiates the winding, climbing, partly paved and partly bombarded with a mountain road, which once bore the imprint of horses & # 39; hoof.

Passing through the ravine on the mountain on the east side, 7.6 miles Village Auto Road Mount Washington rises from 1543 feet to 6288, increasing the height ranges from 594 to 880 feet per mile, passing the park "Two miles"; bridges Mycko, Jenny Lind and Twin; Half-way house and the Horn Park; and the negotiation of bends, and a five-point level. Moving north, it expands and begins to climb the ridge clearly Chander ridge, passing Kreguey Spring Park Parade miles and rising to six miles.

4. Railway:

By days of motorized pendulum Mount Washington turned to the rear side and to another method of sealing a sharp – rack – each process step secured another step towards imposing monolith of New Hampshire.

Its catalyst – once again proving the validity of the philosophy "to turn pain into purpose" – has been a rise, which Sylvester Marsh, Kemptan, New Hampshire, native and veteran of the rich meat packaging Chicago, made in 1852, a hard snowstorm. He was forced to spend the night on the mountain, nearly succumbing to the arctic temperatures and promising to come back and come up with a quick, convenient, private, and secure means of its recovery.

Mechanical thinking he already had considerable experience in patents for patents of agricultural machinery, such as conveyor belts and grain drier and therefore referred the background in the rail system, which technology would enable the locomotive and at least one carriage to negotiate, to rise. , And for conventional rail is still the highest score are inappropriate.

Developing a plan of the rail system of horizontal screws, he filed a patent for his August 24, 1858, but the next month the New Hampshire law was rejected, saying that between 1836 and 1849 has already received five years of similar materials. and laughs at the idea with today's well-known statement that the March "can also build a railway to the moon."

To revoke the amendment, he filed an application for amendment within three years, August 3, and it was quickly satisfied.

capabilities of the system lifting the secret was a small toothed wheel located below the engine, 19 teeth which would taste in cylindrical crossbar of the central track, pulling him and his car up the mountain, like a tiny hand that rattled the bars on the rack, which, depending on its section was located somewhere between horizontal and vertical, and therefore formed a ladder corner. The engine itself could provide a driving force, and traditional guides could manage conventional wheels.

railways system "Mount Washington" was established with an initial capital of $ 20 000. The march will serve as President and construction agent.

After several surveys of the mountains, it was decided to adhere to the route, which paved the Ethan Allen Crawford in 1821 in the western part of the mountain and start laying track in its base in Ammunosuk River. However, access to it was hardly an obstacle. The old forest road, extended by FAB & # 39 Station; Yang, stopped half a mile from the building site and the rest of the distance was densely forested.

Rudimentary way that has gone oxen, eventually let the men get to building log homes builders. Timber had to be cut down.

Spiral road consisted of a 12-foot sections, or "leaning" and progressed in the number "1" on the basis to "1200" at the summit.

Each component of the construction process, which began in May 1866, made possible outcome. Sam Marsh, for example, built the first test track with 40 rods. The first locomotive, which is still in the sections, was reaching for him, but for him the vehicle platform for the transport of building materials materials.

Self-powered locomotive was geared without cables and had one pair of cylinders and the drive wheels. Although it was called "Hero", its vertical, pepper bottle with pepper that resembles the boiler, quickly earned the nickname "Perpersas".

August 29, 1866 by clicking on the passenger car flat wagon, he successfully demonstrated the concept of a spiral structure, and construction capabilities and has attracted the necessary additional investments from the originally skeptical of railway companies.

Two years later, on August 14, the world's first voyage cog railway train reached the top of the summit after a construction project of 139 500, which was "furious ladder". The second cool – after the one in Switzerland – and today it is both the oldest and the National Historic Site.

Access to the train railway transmission has been improved in July 1876, when the railway line Belaya Gorka implemented spaced line from the station FAB & # 39; yang to her base.

In addition to "Peppersasa" he began service with three other vertically configured boilers: Locomotive "George Stevenson", built in 1868, and "Atlas" and "cloud", which followed two years later.

The first 40 years, these trees and 18 other engines in the fleet used charcoal, every climb requires tons and 1,000 liters of water. Four engines, introduced in 2003, on the & # 39; yadnovvayuchy original cogs of the 19th century and "green" technologies of the 21st century – the types of biodiesel and burning 16 to 18 gallons of fuel per trip.

Чыгуначная дарога Маунт-Вашынгтон, якая праходзіць па базавай дарозе шасці мілі, якая вядзе да яе па маршруце 302 побач са станцыяй Фаб'ян, прапануе трохгадзінныя кругавыя паездкі да саміту ў перыяд з мая па кастрычнік, час у верхняй частцы мяняецца ў залежнасці ад паравой або дызельны рухавік і аднагадзінныя паўгадзіны ў лістападзе і снежні.

У адрозненне ад аўтадарогі з усходняга боку, чыгуначная чыгуначная дарожка падымаецца з заходняга боку і, такім чынам, адкрывае віды і віды. Усе цягнікі адпраўляюцца і вяртаюцца на базавую станцыю Маршфілд, названую ў гонар вынаходніка чыгункі. Само дэпо прапануе браніраванне і прадастаўленне білетаў; рэстаран самаабслугоўвання, Каталана на Шрубе, з выдатным выглядам на пункт адпраўлення цягніка; крама сувеніраў; і Музей вінтоў.

Акрамя паказу фільма "Чыгуначная дарога да Месяца", апошні дае магчымасць зазірнуць у тэхналогію ранняга шрубкі. Напрыклад, кацёл 1908 г. пастаянна выкарыстоўваўся паравоз № 9, пабудаваны Амерыканскім лакаматыўным камбінатам, пакуль яго не замянілі сучасны кацёл Hodge Boiler Works, абсталяваны сучасным катлом у 1986 годзе. у перыяд з 1870 па 1920 год, чыгуначнікі дазволілі спусціцца па даўжыні каляіны менш чым за тры хвіліны. Раздзел кадра дэманструе, як зубчастае кола зубчастага колеса перамяшчаецца са стужкамі. Бюро зрубаў прапануе глыбокае ўяўленне пра жыццё Сільвестра-прамоўтэра, а таксама вынаходніка і будаўніка чыгункі. Чыгуначны магазін Mount Washington Cog абсталёўваў усе, акрамя аднаго з сямі лакаматываў, якія працуюць у цяперашні час, а кабіна і кацельныя ўчасткі ілюструюць іх будаўніцтва.

"Стары Пепперсас", першы рухавік, які рухаецца па чыгунцы ўверх па гары Вашынгтон і набывае славу Нацыянальнай інжынернай славутасці. Ён, зразумела, пабудаваны самім Маршам і транспартаванай на трасе ўчасткамі, ён важыць чатыры тоны, каштаваў 3000 долараў і мог перавозіць карысную нагрузку ў 60 пасажыраў. У цяперашні час на яе баку прадстаўлены літары "N. 1 Mt. WR". Яго знялі з службы пасля таго, як ён літаральна зносіўся і паддаўся механічнаму знясіленню.

Шырокая дарожка 4,8 фута (на паўтара цалі менш, чым у Амерыканскага стандартнага датчыка), пачынаючы з базавай станцыі 2700 футаў і ня пакладзеная на драўляную эстакаду, пралягае ў трох мілях, калі ўзыходзіць па вузкай лініі хрыбта паміж Аммуносуком і Буртавыя яры ў сярэднім 25-працэнтны, або 1320 футаў на міль, гатунак. Дзевяць яго крывых вар'іруюцца ў радыусе ад 497 да 945 футаў.

Усе цягнікі складаюцца з паравога або дызельнага паравоза, прымацаванага да задняй часткі драўлянага або металічнага пасажырскага вагона ў канфігурацыі штурхача, і, адцягнуўшыся ад стройнай платформы, амаль адразу перасякаюць раку Аммуносук, а потым пачынаюць паднімацца ўніз па ўзгорку Холадна-Спрынг, трэк з другім стромкім участкам.

Наступная арка направа, пры дапамозе сонечных батарэй, гідраўлічных перамыкачоў, абыходзячы танк Waumbek на вышыні 3800 футаў, альбо чакае сыходнага цягніка, каб ён мог прайсці яго па ўласнай бакавой трасе альбо папоўніцца вадой, калі гэта паравая машына.

Здалёк на правым баку знаходзіцца гарадскі лагер і хатка Апалачаў, а таксама некалькі пікаў Прэзідэнцкага хрыбта, у тым ліку Манро, Франклін, Эйзенхаўэр, Клінтан, Джэксан і Вебстэр.

Праходзячы па Доме на паўдарозе ў 4500 футаў, паравоз і машына зараз пераадольваюць лесвіцу Якава (клас лесвіцы Якава), клас якой дзівіць 37,41 працэнта (і робіць немагчымым праходжанне па машыне, не хапаючыся за яе. спінкі сядзення) і пераступае лінію дрэва.

Перасякаючы Апалачы сцяжыну, якая цягнецца ад Мэн да Джорджыі, цягнік набліжаецца да вяршыні, з левага боку адкрываецца від на яркую заліў Вялікага заліва і яго драматычны, 2000-футовы падзенне, на возера Спалдынг.

5. Саміт:

Збліжэнне мэтавых і горных мэтаў усіх турыстаў, вадзіцеляў і чыгуначнікаў – гэта вяршыня, размешчаная на тэрыторыі 59-гектарскага дзяржаўнага парку Маунт-Вашынгтон, які быў створаны ў 1971 годзе.

Вісты гэтага спустошанага, ветрападобнага самагону, калі яго не хаваюць воблака ці ападкі, з'яўляюцца часткай мэты ўздыму і ахопліваюць радыус 130 мілі. Бачныя чатыры штаты Нью-Гэмпшыр, Мэн, Вермонт і Нью-Ёрк, а таксама правінцыя Квебек у Канадзе і пробліск Атлантычнага акіяна. Праз Вялікі заліў знаходзяцца шматлікія вяршыні прэзыдэнцкага дыяпазону, такія як Джэфэрсан, Адамс і Мэдысан, і ўсе яны ніжэйшыя за гледача – як гэта часта бывае з самімі аблокамі – тлумачаць амэрыканскія індзейцы & # 39; вера ў тое, што ўзнёслае ўзвышанае становішча было выключным здабыткам Вялікага Духа.

За выключэннем Дзяржаўнага парку і дадатковых 60 гектараў прыватнай зямлі, большасць бачных гор належаць 725 000 гектараў нацыянальнага лесу Белай гары, самому нерасту чатырох буйных прытокаў ракі Новай Англіі.

Паслугі для наведвальнікаў размешчаны ў будынку Саміт Шэрман Адамс, чацвёртым і адзіным нетэтэльным домам на вышэйшым узроўні. Служба штаба Маунт-Вашынгтон, штаб-кватэра Маунт-Вашынгтон, пабудаваная ў 1980 годзе як неад'емная частка паўночнага схілу, мае кафетэрый, дзве крамы сувеніраў, пошту, музей і абсерваторыю Маунт-Вашынгтон, апошні з якіх з'яўляецца метэастанцыяй класа А для Бюро надвор'я ЗША.

Яшчэ адна бачная структура – гэта дом "Tip-Top". Пабудаваны ў 1853 годзе пры кошце 7000 долараў з каменя, узарванага з той самай гары, якая яго падтрымлівае, гатэль у 84 футы, шырынёй 28 футаў, узняўся з рубля, каб канкурыраваць з першым Домам Першага дома, які быў завершаны таго ж года. Пазней быў дададзены скатны дах, які змяшчае 17 малюсенькіх спальняў.

Закінуты на 35 гадоў, ён аднавіў сваё прызначэнне, калі Вялікі пажар 18 чэрвеня 1908 года разбурыў пасля гэтага пабудаваны, 91-пакаёвы Дом Другога Саміту. Сам дом "Tip-Top", які адрадзіўся і пераабсталяваны, стаў сямейным хостэлам на вяршыні гары на працягу сямі гадоў, пакуль у 1915 г. не быў пабудаваны заменны Саміт – у гэты час ён апусціў ахоўніка і стаў ахвярай пажару. .

Рэканструяваны і перакінуты ў дадатку да Дома Саміту, ён быў вызвалены ў 1968 годзе, перш чым аднаўляцца ў другі раз, у 1987 годзе, так што ён мог пачаць сваё трэцяе жыццё – на гэты раз як Нацыянальны гістарычны арыенцір.

Яшчэ адна важная структура – гэта сцэнічнае бюро Саміта, якое ў цяперашні час служыць крамай сувеніраў і крамай турыстаў. Размясціўшы абсерваторыю Маунт-Вашынгтон з 1932 па 1937 гг., 12 жніўня 1934 года гэта месца знаходжання ў свеце з найвышэйшай вымяранай хуткасцю ветру, 231 міль / ч, на што паказвае знешні знак, які абвяшчае "Найвышэйшы Тут быў зафіксаваны чалавек вецер – 231 міль / ч ".

На самай справе, 2888-футовым саміце можна дасягнуць, калі прайсці Кроўфардскі шлях, які быў упершыню закладзены ў 1819 годзе і таму лічыцца самай старой горнай пешаходнай сцежкай у Амерыцы.


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Oh, they do not mind.

Just like your cousin, ex-girlfriend with my brother and his family & # 39; it. And your boss, and her husband, and three children. Quite quickly your hygienist will be outraged that she was not invited. Do not look now, but your wedding budget will explode. At this time you want, so you can just skip the wedding and immediately go on a honeymoon in some quiet island. So?

Um … maybe you can. This is called running. Or, in some circles, the target wedding with only the two of you.

It seems more and more people respond to the traditional big wedding for a smaller business in some exciting direction with the bride and groom, or perhaps a small number of close family members & # 39; and. And why not. With the high price of planning a wedding these days, wedding in the House of appointments or flipping just makes sense.

Of course, just because you have decided to skip the wedding or wedding small appointment does not mean that you can throw your wedding planning checklist. This is only a little checklist. Let's look at what could be in control of planning a wedding list at your destination:

1. Selecting the destination

This is the most interesting part. many exciting options in front of you. You can get married:

In a balloon over Colorado.

In Disneyland.

On the beach in southern California with just you, your partner, marriage officers and browse millions of dollars, which costs you nothing.

On a roller coaster in New Jersey.

While snorkeling in Maui.

Overlooking the Niagara Falls.

While Banjo jumps in Las Vegas.

The historic inn in Vermont.

When planning for a wedding or an upcoming destination, keep in mind the time of year when you get married. You can significantly reduce the cost, if you go to the selected location in the offseason.

2. Make travel plans

Creating a travel plan far ahead of time will also lead to a reduction in costs. Also be creative approach to addressing ways to travel. Perhaps you could travel by train rather than plane. The train can add even more romance to your wedding plans.

3. Legal issues

You need to check the laws governing marriage in the selected spot you. If you, for example, a US citizen and are planning to get married in another country, for example, be sure to check that the documentation you may need. There may be a longer waiting period of getting your license to actually conjugal marriage. Also make sure you have your passport up to date.

4. The official wedding

5. Photographer

6. Cake and champagne

Whatever location you choose, whether it's new English tavern or bungee jumping in Las Vegas, you are likely to find a company that will provide the wedding officer, photographer and cake and champagne and limousine transportation to the place of the ceremony. Be sure to ask include them in your package. If not, make sure you have all of them built before the ceremony.

Travel wedding or for other purposes can be beneficial to your budget and the level of stress. And if your aunt Gladys Soshel & # 39; yatsela, as it is not invited to return to her something of Maui. This should make her happy.


Rerun yourself at 55+


Again repair itself

Age group 55-64 is increasing most rapidly among all ages in the start-up of the game. It is not surprising that so many people re-launched itself through the start-up, starting to shoot the new tracks.

Here are some ways, it is possible – options are almost endless, but the list of a dozen of them for many will help you narrow down your choices.

the issue of starting a business decision should never be a problem, if you ask yourself the right questions. The most important of them, "What do I have to institute?" Others include "When?" My answer to this is 'Now'. If you linger too long, the moment will pass.

hobby profit

Perhaps your private passions can become a source of income. Ask yourself whether your passion, knowledge and practice games trombone turn into a book – perhaps an e-book or a non-profit business that can pay you a salary or a website and selling trombones.

You will find that the web is a topic poorly and almost all of the URL for the domain types & # 39; sliphorn & # 39; and & # 39; slip-horn.com & # 39; available, even if & # 39; trombone & # 39; widely registered

There are endless examples of business based on passion. Here is one that I particularly like: John Lomas, a Briton in Vermont, founded Cotswold Furniture. "I was very unhappy," – he says of his last car & # 39; career. "Once I realized that I really liked the store a tree in the school." All grew from there.

Service from Skill

Perhaps you have developed professional skills during your so-called & # 39; work & # 39; car & # 39; EPA. You might even have raised it to a very high level. This skill and experience can be converted into a business center.

You will not have any threats to your former employers, and at the same time your big company experience will be very useful asset to your company.

Services for people like you

You can think about the services included in the areas that correspond to the older life, and where you have either the experience or did not find the service to meet your own needs. Examples may include travel and transport, investment services, yoga, fitness or mobility aids. The privileges of an allowance for home care looks useful.

The customer base for clients

During your employment you can create a strong relationship with customers. Customers who appreciate you, can be converted into your customers.

There are cases when the company will be happy to part with customers who are not profitable. With a base price at which you could have on their own, such sales could be beneficial for your own business.

Married bliss

Approximately one in five small business is headed duo spouses, according to the National Federation of Independent Business. This means 1.2 million groups of spouses who work together.

This can only be a moment you've been waiting. Previously married, car & # 39; EPA one or both, children and other things that may have been in the way

I did it. It is not all roses, but it has a lot to say. I suggest you very carefully to find out who is doing what and how much you both have similar motives before you jump in with both feet. If you do try it, you can from the beginning to plan the worst and have some sort of agreement on gap of business.

Issue company's capital

With a little something & # 39; It and reflecting the reduction, you may want to consider the issue of capital to invest in your startup, moving.

Of course, you can achieve this, and did not move, but repeated bookmark this house and taking over the payments can be a burden, a new business can not support.

Of the time to start

To give a place and some income by working at a startup, you may find that your present employer is open to you, working part-time. Thus, your skills and experience will not be completely lost to the company. In addition, this step can make room for a new set, or save the employer.

Any & # 39; try the & # 39; how it can help you verify your business concept before completely exclude a regular income. One of the dangers of starting a business is that at the beginning of the profit can be sporadic. A partial onset may be unpleasant, but it can provide a cushion before you cut the cord.

possible partners

To reduce the risk and time, you might think about finding partners for your business, or find someone else who does a startup that will appreciate your input and participation, and even investment.

Such opportunities are often able to offer winning solutions. It is also possible that the young entrepreneur will appreciate your experience and your age and skills can increase the chances of success in raising capital.

Way of life, or the next Google?

The word & # 39; launch & # 39; It may seem a big problem. You might think that a startup simply restore the life that you had when you were employed and happy to have left behind.

Startups do not have to strive to become the next Google or the search for venture capital. This may be a & # 39; lifestyle & # 39; business. Lifestyle – this is where you decide what you want to live in a certain way or at a certain location. Or maybe you want to be able to travel or regular meetings with the special nature of human beings.

Create a business that supports this goal. Examples may include a cooking school that works with your home, shop, crafts, pottery or service of mountain guides.

Kitchen table enterprise

Many start-ups can be done at home. There are specific issues that should be considered as taxation or zoning, but the start of a home can significantly reduce fixed costs.

The second big advantage since this way – this is what you might be able to do this outside of working hours before from the & # 39 entrance. The business world is full of examples. Pope bisects and splits, the company that invented Travelboard, began exactly 40 years ago, and when Anita Roddick beginning of Body Shop, she mixed her cosmetics on the kitchen table.

Buy your way

There are many advantages of buying existing business, not less important, and a much smaller risk of failure. An existing business can generate cash flows from the first day, as approved methods, products or marketing. Chances are good that have a customer base, but you need to make sure that it is transmitted & # 39; you.

The use of your skills and experience can change a business that you buy, and increase their investments better than the stock market. If the purchase is carried out well, you can keep your existing staff and suppliers.

Many businesses are sold with a & # 39; study of & # 39; or & # 39; earn & # 39; point, if the seller is stopped for a while to ensure smooth transfer of, or part of the cost is restrained until the sale proves its worth. I have a friend who sold their professional business on this basis. It was especially important for customers to get acquainted with the new owner before my friend retired.

Starting the spin-off

Spin-off start-ups are quite common. This occurs on a large scale, when a multinational company provides management buyout or merger, but they also occur on a small scale, when there is a divergence of views on the strategic future of the company. If a conflict occurs, the best solution may be to hand, which go their own ways, and often the main characters are exempt souls.

I started the business by spinning. International company, where I worked for many years, encouraged me to take the subsidiary company with which I ran. They gave me a year to purchase the assets, thus saving both the money.

There is also the possibility of creating & # 39 ;, where entrepreneurial set a person believes that the best way to create a new agency to large firms, to branding and backups were available from the word go.

the future of the franchise

Sometimes the franchise – this is an option, especially for those who have no passion, moreover, to be one's own boss. Usually they are organized as large brendyravanyya franchises such as McDonald & Subway, Metro or UPS Store.

Some of them are less known as Wild Birds Unlimited (where, obviously, the franchisee captured birds feeding hobby and business) or Pigtails & Crewcuts (for mothers who return to the labor force). They can equally be informal franchise that offers a business that wants to expand, but does not have the capital.


Covered Bridges – familiarity with the history of North American life


Covered Bridges first time & # 39 appeared in the US around 1805, but the history of these monuments to another age dates back thousands of years in China. Covered bridges also existed in Europe since medieval times, and at one time there were hundreds in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

But it is here, in the north-eastern United States, where the design and construction of wooden covered bridges have reached its peak in the nineteenth century. A combination of pressing need, a rich old growth northern forests and pure ingenuity Yankees improved the development of wooden bridges to a rare combination of the amazing engineering feats that were also pleasing to the eye.

Why do so many covered bridges in the northeast?

North-east – a region of rivers, streams and creeks. To the extent that jump out of the population in coastal forest villages increased water source. Source of water in these cities was used to power mills, and villages often developed on both banks of a stream or river. Bridges were the obvious answer to connect these divided communities and citizens access to such things as school, service and inventory.

But why do they cover?

While on this subject a lot of reasoning; the simple answer – protection from the elements of the bridge. Here in New England, where I live, covered wooden bridges last about three times longer than those who are exposed to the elements, as well as reduce maintenance of the bridge. During the 19th and early 20th centuries, little has been built bridges.

Interesting facts about the covered bridges …

Most historians agree that the first covered bridge in America became a Permanent Bridge, completed in 1805 in Pennsylvania, originally designed by Timothy Palmer from New England. The longest covered bridge with a & # 39 is Hartland, New Brunswick, Canada, in 1282 which covers the foot of St. John River.

But perhaps the most famous covered bridges are in Madison County, Iowa. Bridges of Madison County were previously numbered 19, but today only six survive. Roman Robert James Waller and the eponymous film popularized these bridges million worldwide, and presented evidence that covered bridges in North America in no way limited to the North-East region.

Frequently asked question: why so many bridges outside painted red?

Historians believe the red coating makes the bridge more like a barn to a horse, and as the horses are usually tricky when passing over tsyachechay water, the illusion helped farmers and travelers navigate the obstacle with small incidents from their four-legged friends.

Changing face covered bridge in North America

As you progress through the twentieth century, the construction of the bridge has changed, and mastnyya products made of metal, have become the first choice of wood. The simplicity of construction, increased strength, and low cost of these metal bridges became too overwhelming to ignore the fiscal community in the US

Bridges "workhorses" of the 19th century gave way to the economy, and most of the wooden covered bridge in the United States quickly disappeared, with the exception of the remaining 800 fans watching today. While many of the other hidden bridges are still moving traffic – even cars – most are stored and maintained for tourism, and they remind us of our heritage.


For a lot of & # 39; volume Pennsylvania and Vermont take honors, accounting for over a third of the remaining bridges.

Self-guided tours are also popular in New England for the holidays covered bridge, especially in Vermont and New Hampshire, where many bridges are next to other destinations and attractions.

As an enthusiast on the covered bridge, I can tell you that half the fun – to find bridges. The main highway bypassed the roads where most of the bridges was located many years ago, which makes the distance covered bridge time adventure for accommodation. While covered bridges create there an ideal opportunity for photos than just a pretty picture.

Experts offer to evaluate the bridge, took first in the design and massive beams that are used in the framework. For real bridges the wood came from the shed, where the trees 100 feet were normal.

If you are reading a real covered bridge, remember that it was built for the simple functional purpose – the transition from one bank to another. But it was built with the skill and care of craftsmen who inadvertently left a rich legacy for future generations. Take care of these woodworking masterpieces as you travel through rural North America and again to discover the symbol of the first printer that swept the US and Canada during the nineteenth century.


Ten ski destinations


Planning a ski vacation with friends and family & # 39; it? Let's look at the guide below and learn more about the major US ski areas:

Aspen – snow mass: Aspen – Snow weight – a popular winter resort complex and is located in Pitkin County in western Colorado. Winter sports are held in four neighboring mountains in the immediate vicinity of the villages of Aspen and the snow mass. These four mountains collectively constitute one of the most popular destinations for skiing and snowboarding. Four ski areas:
• Aspen Mountain
• aspen Nagore & # 39; e
• Maslyanko
• Snow weight

Big Sky: Big Sky Resort is located in Montana, in Madison County, which is an hour drive from the south Bozemana. It is considered the largest ski resort in the United States. Peak hot stored at high 11,100 feet with two additional corner, which cover up to 85 miles. In the off-season Big Sky Resort offers a variety of outdoor activities such as golf, frisbee, golf, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, rafting and more.

Brekenryzh: Brekenryzh located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, and it is only 86 miles west of Denver. In this mountain has 146 trails for skiing and 27 under the & # 39; lift and more than 2,200 acres of ski terrain. The longest run – 3 miles. During the summer Brekenryzh attracts many outdoor activities such as hiking trails, fishing flies in the Blue River, mountain biking, white water rafting on the white water and more. With so many activities all year round; Brekenryzh certainly an exciting place to experience.

Brian Head: If you are looking for a laid-back, or an extreme adventure, you can customize your own experience in Brain Head Resort. Located in the southwestern part of Utah, Brain Head resort is popular among people who want to avoid the situation quickly and crowds. You can have unlimited fun by exploring the mountain on snow bikes, snowboarding, skiing, snow tubing, night skiing, and more from 11 to 300 feet up the mountain.

Killington: Ski Resort is located near the Kilington Kilingtana County, Shchukin. Considered the largest ski area in eastern North America. It remains open for longer than other eastern ski resorts as well as snow in an average of 8 months of the year. During the peak season Kilingtan serves nearly 17,000 skiers per day and more.

Taoists: In Taos, located in New Mexico, there are two main ski areas, ie mountain Sangre de Cristo and the Carson National Forest. The top of mountains located at 11 at speeds of 800 feet. In addition to skiing / snowboarding, the valley also includes other activities such as ice skating, sledding, mountain biking and much more.

Apart from the above directions, you can also check out Copper Mountain, Crested Booth, Keystone, Lake Placid, Lake Tahoe, Mammoth Lakes, Mount Shasta, Park City, Alto, Snow Bird, Springs-steamer Mount Strattan, Sun Valley, Teluryda , Tsimberlayn, Winter park, and more.


United States Study: towards the middle of the Atlantic, and New England


Depending on the source, the US – the third or fourth largest country in the world. The continental United States consist of forty-eight states, and its capital city, Washington, Kaluga, Alaska is in the northwest, on the border with Canada and Russia in the Bering Strait. Hawaii – a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean. The United States also have jurisdiction over several territories in the Caribbean and Pacific Oceans.

we have divided the state in the geographic regions of the United States to study.

Syarednyaatlantychnyya directions

The US Census Bureau recognized the three countries forming the region of the Middle Atlantic: New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. In recent years, due to economic and political centers in the area of ​​Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia, and Washington's capital city, classified as Mid-Atlantic.

This region is inhabited by many European migrant groups, including Dutch, Swedish and English. Settlers also had various religious features: Roman Catholics, Quakers and Baptists.

The first settlers were mostly farmers and fishermen. This city provides a gateway to other parts of the country and the ports of New York, Delaware and Baltimore.

Most of this area with the & # 39 is urbanized, but still there are beautiful forests, national parks, camping, and passes through the area of ​​the Appalachians.

You can find events and festivals throughout the year to visit on your vacation.

New directions England

During autumn tours are offered by this region through beautiful changing leaves. Drop occurs in the region earlier than in other regions of the US.

New England is in the northeast corner of the United States. It was the first settlement in 1620, when English settlers arrived in Massachusetts Bay.

The inhabitants of this region served as a catalyst for the Boston tea and the abolition of slavery. In this region, the United States began the industrial revolution.

region mountainous terrain and valleys. The coastline is jagged, sandy beaches. There are lakes, hills and swamps. Appalachian mountain range extends through Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont. The highest peak of the region, Mount Washington, located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

The region early autumn, hot, humid summers and long, cold winters. The region has a number of ski resorts, such as Vermont and New Hampshire.

The most populous states in the region – Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.