destination wedding planning


So you start to plan your wedding. Exciting, is not it? First you have to choose a location for your ceremony. Fortunately, you have chosen the one who has won the pot. Next – space for reception. Uh, the bank begins to bulge at the seams. That's OK; everything will be fine, as long as you do not write off the guest list. I hope Aunt Gladys & # 39; something the industry & # 39; and won, if they do not …

Oh, they do not mind.

Just like your cousin, ex-girlfriend with my brother and his family & # 39; it. And your boss, and her husband, and three children. Quite quickly your hygienist will be outraged that she was not invited. Do not look now, but your wedding budget will explode. At this time you want, so you can just skip the wedding and immediately go on a honeymoon in some quiet island. So?

Um … maybe you can. This is called running. Or, in some circles, the target wedding with only the two of you.

It seems more and more people respond to the traditional big wedding for a smaller business in some exciting direction with the bride and groom, or perhaps a small number of close family members & # 39; and. And why not. With the high price of planning a wedding these days, wedding in the House of appointments or flipping just makes sense.

Of course, just because you have decided to skip the wedding or wedding small appointment does not mean that you can throw your wedding planning checklist. This is only a little checklist. Let's look at what could be in control of planning a wedding list at your destination:

1. Selecting the destination

This is the most interesting part. many exciting options in front of you. You can get married:

In a balloon over Colorado.

In Disneyland.

On the beach in southern California with just you, your partner, marriage officers and browse millions of dollars, which costs you nothing.

On a roller coaster in New Jersey.

While snorkeling in Maui.

Overlooking the Niagara Falls.

While Banjo jumps in Las Vegas.

The historic inn in Vermont.

When planning for a wedding or an upcoming destination, keep in mind the time of year when you get married. You can significantly reduce the cost, if you go to the selected location in the offseason.

2. Make travel plans

Creating a travel plan far ahead of time will also lead to a reduction in costs. Also be creative approach to addressing ways to travel. Perhaps you could travel by train rather than plane. The train can add even more romance to your wedding plans.

3. Legal issues

You need to check the laws governing marriage in the selected spot you. If you, for example, a US citizen and are planning to get married in another country, for example, be sure to check that the documentation you may need. There may be a longer waiting period of getting your license to actually conjugal marriage. Also make sure you have your passport up to date.

4. The official wedding

5. Photographer

6. Cake and champagne

Whatever location you choose, whether it's new English tavern or bungee jumping in Las Vegas, you are likely to find a company that will provide the wedding officer, photographer and cake and champagne and limousine transportation to the place of the ceremony. Be sure to ask include them in your package. If not, make sure you have all of them built before the ceremony.

Travel wedding or for other purposes can be beneficial to your budget and the level of stress. And if your aunt Gladys Soshel & # 39; yatsela, as it is not invited to return to her something of Maui. This should make her happy.