10 ways to make money now!


The other day my oldest son, Matthew called me a loser. He is well. 16. In particular, he did not call me, “loser”, but spoke with a nurse in the emergency room about how he thinks to go into politics, when will age. He wants to be president, he said.

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“Hey,” I said to him after the nurse left, “I was going to be president, when she grew up.”

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I really was going to be president. I had every intention to engage in politics when I was between the ages of 14 to 18 years. I was about to graduate from college, perhaps go to law school, and then run for office – with the White House.

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In short, I went to college in the State of Colombia and, in fact, found that I like to write about politics and being an activist more than I wanted to run for the post – and as I said to his son, who looked at me with great pity – I still have time to run for the office, if I do. At 34, I did not even have the right to qualify for the presidency … but the clock will sound louder than once.

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“I know, Mom,” he said. “But I really will.” The way he said it, a little stung. He said it with such contempt, as if I threw away my dream. He just saw my wife and mother – no other achievements under my belt? He thought that I somehow failed, as the dream of 14 or 15 was not a dream that I have achieved?

He did.

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This disappointed me. He did not say what it means, I know what he just said it really is. I chose life, which he regarded as “normal”, but if he really looked, he saw that everything was in my life, but.

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My way of “road less taken” had me from time to time to think creatively about profit – well, most of the time. Having tasted life in the suburbs in the family & # 39; and with two incomes – in each of the constant “normal” job, I quickly learned that the normal operation is not all vzlamalasya. In addition to additional loads on your time and earnings, steady job no longer stable.

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Although I left my newspaper for six months before it was – she drowned. And I would have dismissed me. My husband, a computer guru and expert in his field, saw the work as “Internet bubble” contracts and expands. He has worked for small companies and large corporations, all of which yielded some mergers, enhance or decrease the pressure.

Tired of living from paycheck to paycheck, we found a simpler way of life – and it is found on the farm of my childhood in Vermont. Vermont rich beauty, solitude and silence. What it’s not much – it’s employment opportunities. To replenish lean times when my writing is not very well paid, any advice my husband is on the decline, I learned that there are many ways to earn cash immediately. And some of these things can be a deal if you like them enough. Each one of those that I suggest can be done with minimal cash expenses – because if you need cash, you usually can not invest in business opportunities … they, too, can be done with children in tow. I am a mom who live at home, and happy to be one, but I’m also a smart and creative and do not think that one should go to the other. You can do something nice and stay at home with their children (which is also nice). In addition, I gained food products, at least for a week, with each of these proposals at some point in my life … and some of them were my income for that year.

1. Used books. Do you have a large collection of books? Even a small collection? People are always looking for books. And used bookstores, eBay, and your local paper about the & # 39; ads – a great way to earn money and clean the shelf or two, too. I know of several families of seven & # 39; families that support their financial needs by selling his books. I would not want to invest in the store, but if you have a large collection of books, especially in a particular area or two, you should have no problems, ranging from eBay or from a regular website. If you do not have their own books that you can sell now, you can usually get some great books at yard sales, thrift stores or libraries (their abortions, do not go with them). Many times people are willing to practically give away the books if you take them out of the house.

2. The extra garden vegetables or fruit? Why not install a roadside stand or not to place a booth at the local farmers & # 39; market? You do not have to be an official farmers to sell vegetables. If you have tomatoes coming out of his ears, but no money for the cans, put a “store”. You’ll be amazed how many people stop and be grateful for your homegrown efforts.

3. Bake the bread or other baked goods. Are you a good cook? You do not need to be. But with some effort and desire to bake, you could save a city in the form of cookies, brownies, pies in zadushtsy and homemade bread. I did it when I went down to the last $ 5 in one month! I had a ton of flour, but very little. I bake all types of bread – cinnamon, sandwich, herbal round loaves – and ask the local farmers & # 39; market, if I could sell that bake. On this day, I raspradavsya until the market closed – and scored enough to put gas in the car, to buy food for a week or more of flour and other ingredients, so I can come back again next weekend. I have long supported himself and three children, doing pastries – business, I really liked.

4. Type. Can you introduce? I do not mean fast. You do not have to enter 100 words per minute to make a few dollars. You just need to be prepared to spend time typing, if someone else will. I did not know how to type a message, when I put in a newspaper report that will be ready to enter the job, term papers, business offers and what you have. But I knew another girl who was paying $ 2 per page. I earned $ 1.50 per page, and, although I am sure that my hourly rate was terrible, I gained a lot of extra money, typing machine … and be able to stay home with her new baby and listen to NPR all at the same time!

5. tutor. You were brilliant in algebra as a child? Well, I was not, but I was a local grammar. I was visiting the English grammar, spelling and history and earned $ 10 per hour, helping local schoolchildren and college to study on their SAT, edit documents, you name it. This is a great way to feel useful and to make money at the same time! Again, all you need is a leaflet and your phone number. Offer tutoring in the local public library or at the local YMCA.

6. Give lessons. Listen to the piano? You know how to use a spinning wheel, knitting or to decorate a cake? Provide space (basement of the church, community center or library room – a great place to start), and place some of the & # 39; ads, and flyers around town. You’ll be surprised how happy people will be able to pay 25 or 30 dollars to learn what you know! You can spend one class or series of classes. Make sure you know how much others pay for the same classes in your area, do not make yourself a low price, but if you do not have much teaching experience, do not make the surcharge – especially in the first round.

7. Write and issue the booklet. This can easily supplement your class or classes, or work well on their own. While most people are in favor of it, to get the initial information from the Internet, including myself, – writing a booklet on your topic of expertise, and then selling it to the relevant publications can bring you a pure profit – not millions, but a good stable profit. Remember that in this type of writing is better to be more specific. Do not write a booklet on “How to fix the car.” Write authoritative guidance on “fixing 1970 Volvo station wagon.” Or whatever. The alternative – or an extension of the booklet edition – write it, and then published as a .PDF – interested people can download from your website. Of course, they will have to pay $ 5 or whatever you think that the booklet guards to get the boot. Offer such services is much easier than I thought initially. PayPal – an excellent source for this kind of transactions.

8. Follow the instructions for the people. It’s so simple, I was surprised that had not thought about it – especially when I was in high school and got his first car. This service would be fine, no matter where you live – in the countryside, in the city or in the suburbs. Spread leaflets, place ads in the local newspaper. Follow all kinds of errands – pick up dry cleaning, buy food, pick up prescriptions, remove the foil, take your dog to the groomer. You would be shocked by the fact that people will pay you. I once paid to go for two children to school every morning! It is also a kind of service that you could offer in a local nursing home or senior center. Older people may need to have someone driving behind them – or they might want to go. Obviously, you will want to schedule a payment – if you only collect a prescription, you can pay $ 5 or $ 10, but complete grocery list is a little bit more. Spent “hourly” rate (how much it costs you to run an errand, given your time, gas, etc.) – and make sure that you can about the & # 39; to combine errands. And keep your mobile phone in your hand (if you have one, I did not do anything, and I’m just fine).

9. walk the dog, go with pets, sitting, nanny home. Do all four – or only one or two. They are clear – but there is always a market for them. Now I’m not saying it will open a kindergarten. If you are not sure what you want to do for the car & # 39; EASURES – then do nothing. But how many of us have a nanny, as teenagers, just for extra money? You can also do this. Put your name out there and a nurse in the evening or a day or two. Living in the home can be like a paid vacation, and my kids loved the work I took on as a pet – cleaning cells, feeding dogs and cats – it looked like a lot to have pets without a pet!

10. Do something. Before home accessories Polar Fliess were readily available at Wal-Mart, I made myself a nice shyyuchy baby blankets, booties, pillows and other items made of fabric with Polar Fliess. Now that I have, I’m knitting a bunch of musket (gloves without fingers) and send them to my local craft fair, a gift shop or consignment. How well do you do something? Maybe you make the best sauce in the world of Tartarus. Or you make a beautiful baby hats. Or wooden spoons. Whatever it was – I guarantee that if you do it well and offer it at a fair price, someone will like and buy it. Be creative. I started working with children’s blankets because made some for my kids first, and my friends have been asking me to make one for them. Joy happened as well, and although I’m not selling them now, I make them as Christmas presents and saving yourself buying!

Here it is: 10 things that you can start now, to earn money. Will Matthew be proud of what I have done all these things to make money – instead, he said – to make my original dream of being president? Probably not. But he was already 16 years old and very little about his parents impressed! But you know what? I’m proud of myself. I am proud that I have used their creativity to make money when I need it – or when I wanted a bit too much, or when I just wanted to try something new. Goals can be dismissive, but he also never hungry – given some of the difficult times that we have experienced, it is something else to be proud of. I also never had to work for someone else, if I had not chosen, as in this day and age, not many people can say.

But I’m the president? Well, no … more anyway.