Bitcoin prices may be lower this year, but institutional investment has not slowed. Future contracts are naturally a little different to the acquisition and maintenance of BTC, but Bakkt continues to break records with its products.

Big Bitcoin Future Day for Bhakti
Since the slow start, a promising move for Bakkt, which has been physically formed, bitcoin futures are steadily rising. New volumes have been set for trading volume, and the last was yesterday, with 4,443 contracts according to the company.

The Intercontinental Exchange-owned firm added that it was optimistic on December 9, before the appointment of Bitcoin option agreements, before the contract came into force. The difference between the options is that the investor does not have to sell the asset when the contract expires. The futures are fixed while the options are more flexible.

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A recent publication of the Bakkt bot noted a few hours ago that I could see even larger numbers today.

Trader and analyst Alex Krueger says the volume is both the price and the amount of bitcoins that are physically delivered.

Kruger added that you would not be surprised if you were given 100 full BTCs in December. Physically liquidated contracts are good for bitcoin markets, but Bucketti also has a liquidated product in the works, which is not very positive for space.